About Spirit Unbound

Spirit Unbound is a project of Sister Sharon Dillon and Richard Lederman. Having shared religious and spiritual thoughts and emotions for several years, Richard and Sr. Sharon have decided to allow others to join in these discussions, which are meant to provide an opportunity to address profound religious and spiritual questions “unbounded” by official “church” doctrine. We agree that doctrine is a human endeavor aimed at exerting authority and control over other humans and is therefore an impediment to a soulful search for divinity and sanctity in the cosmos and in the lives of individuals.

In each post, we first address the particular topic in separate essays. We then respond to the other’s essay. Thus, each topic is addressed in four short essays. We urge readers to engage actively in these discussions by posting comments. These comments are moderated, but only to make sure that they are respectful and inoffensive. While we welcome controversy, we urge respect and sensitivity to all religious and spiritual quests.

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